Being Slovenian Means Sausage Fests and Impressionism


There are several reasons why I love being Slovenian: A. How I get to weird out my friends by saying I have to go to sausage fest every summer, B. How that sausage fest includes a play of children-dressed-as-butchers hunting children-dressed-as-pigs to cook and churn them into children-dressed-as-sausages, C. Being able to call members of my family MFers! whenever we play tarok, D. The excessive drinking of wine that is widespread in our culture, and E. Listening to people pronounce “Ljubljana ” wrong. Here’s another reason:

You always hear about French impressionism, but what about Slovenian Impressionism? What a great discovery! I (s)LOVE(via) IT! My ancestors were so artsy <3. What's really cool is that just there's the Fab Four of Frenchmen in Post-Impressionism (Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezanne, and Seurat), there is a similar štiri of Slovenes in Impressionism (Rihard Jakopič, Matija Jama, Ivan Grohar and Matej Sternen). These guys are pretty cool. Matija Jama made 450 paintings in his life! Here are some of the paintings that stood out in my research:


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